About Sunny Bermuda

Every Green Lawn Begins With Dirt

Yes, every green lawn begins with dirt. Last year my lawn was an absolute mess. It was full of weeds, sparse grass, and you could see more dirt than grass.

That had to change. I never really used YouTube for much prior to the fall of 2019, but I quickly found some great help that kick started my lawn renovation and my eventual startup of my very own “Sunny Bermuda” YouTube channel.

Special shout out to the following Bermuda lawn stars that inspired me to start my Bermuda grass channel:

  1. Bermuda Grass Central (first Bermuda channel I found) – excellent channel for the average homeowner; from Georgia.
  2. How to With Doc – great guy who markets some pricey fertilizers, but offers great information; from Georgia
  3. Budget Lawns – awesome guy from Arkansas with awesome budget friendly advice.
  4. The Lawn Tools – great entertaining channel, also from Arkansas

There are also a host of other channels out there, but those four above really caught my attention when looking for Bermuda Lawn YouTubers.

First Season

My first YouTube season was in 2020; I came out with 22 videos dedicated to my journey. I produced several other How-To and Unboxing videos.

I tried to produce most of my videos from a first person point of view. Something a little different that I haven’t seen in the yard care community online.

First Reel Mower & More

My first season also saw the introduction of my first reel mower, an Allett Kensington 20H. When I go in; I go all in! 😀

I also snagged an aerator, which was desperately needed on my hard Alabama red clay. I snagged it at a local Home Depot rental department with only 70 hours on it.

My riding mower is a 15 year old Snapper 44ZT. Hey, it get’s the job done.

I’m looking forward to revamping the lawn in other areas. My first season concentrated on 4,200 sq ft of the front lawn and 3,500 sq ft of the back lawn. In total, I have roughly 30,000 sq ft. 😅

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